Frequently Asked Questions


My song got accepted, what happens now?

Once your song is accepted by the influencer, they will post on the requested date (if you did a campaign) or they will post within 7 days if you did not specify a date. You will be notified on the App with a link to the content.

What happens if my song gets declined?

You get your coins back to spend again :)

Can I submit to the same influencer more than once?

Yes, if you feel you want a second chance or they didn’t listen in time, then feel free to submit again or maybe try a different song.

Can I submit more than one song to an influencer?

Yes, but you can only submit one song per submission.

Can they keep using my song forever, ever?

Forever, ever? No, once they accept your song they will have a 30-day licence to use your song on one of their social channels. The video or content they post within that time can remain online indefinitely.

Can anyone use my songs?

No, only the influencers you choose to submit to.

How do I know the influencer doesn’t have fake followers?

We have an approval process for every influencer that signs up, to make sure we bring you the best options. We vet their profile and base the price on engagement, not followers.

Where does the money / coins go?

The majority of the coin value goes to the influencer. The rest goes toward transaction fees and hosting fees so that we can keep making Zebr better.

Can I give the influencers "creative direction"?

YES! When making a submission, click the "add breif" option to give creative direction, add reference links and a date for posting.


Who is this experience for?

This experience is for anyone who is looking to better connect with themselves and move towards a life of greater fulfilment. If you are looking to explore your vision, your purpose, your values and goals, this experience is for YOU. This experience may also be relevant for any who is feeling a bit stuck or disconnected as this exploration can serve to provide clarity in direction.

What online platform will be used for delivery of this online experience?

Zoom will be used. All participants are required to have access to Zoom, video capability and a stable internet connection.

I’m not based in Hong Kong can I attend this experience?

Yes, absolutely! If the time zones work for you, you are welcome to attend.

I am not able to attend all of the sessions, can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up and please bear in mind the following:
The structure of the experience is deliberately set out that one topic flows into the next
Part of the intention of this experience is to build a sense of community as you embark on this journey which you may miss out on if you are unable to attend all sessions.
Payment in full is still required regardless of how many sessions you are able to attend.

Terms & Conditions

*Confidentiality is one of the guiding principles of this experience. Online sessions will not be recorded in order to respect and honour the confidentiality of the participants. By attending, participants also agree to not discussing or sharing any content or material. The online experience will be held using Zoom. Participants are requested to enable video to make for a richer and more intimate experience. Participants should also ensure you have a stable connection. This online experience is delivered in accordance with the principles outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. Any materials distributed remain the intellectual property of Courage Through Coaching. Payment is required in full and upfront of the 4-week online experience. No refunds or replacement sessions will be offered to participants unable to attend the scheduled dates.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations at least 48 hours prior to commencement date will be refunded in full.
Cancellations prior to 24 hours will be refunded at 50%
Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to commencement will not be refunded.

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